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Do you want to know the real reason you’re struggling to be successful online?

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The reason you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, procrastinating,
and jumping from one bright shiny object to the next?

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That’s the real reason you are not succeeding online.

You’ve listened to the gurus and tried to make money with their high priced training programs…

…or bought an e-book that was supposed to teach you the “secret loop hole” to getting rich on the internet…

…only to have your efforts end up in failure… or generating a mediocre income at best.

It feels like you’ve wasted a lot of time, money and energy for such little reward. You feel like you’ve failed.

Now you’re scared to make another move because you’re afraid you’ll get the same result.

You don’t like the taste of failure — It’s bitter and demoralizing.


So now you’re cautious about committing to another project… because emotionally you feel like you have a lot riding on this next effort.

You spend your time carefully analyzing all the available information out there. Reading forum threads. Asking questions.

Buying the latest e-books and courses — only to end up with Bright Shiny Object Syndrome…

…which leads to information overload, confusion, frustration and procrastination.

You didn’t think you were doing anything wrong. You are just trying to find what you believe to be a “sure-thing”.

Because… you don’t want to waste anymore time, energy and money.

Because… if this next venture flops — you will be heart broken.

Because… you don’t want to add another failure to the list.

Because… you need the security.

I understand.

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Here’s the TRUTH.

Even though you’re afraid of failing, you haven’t thrown in the towel just yet because you’re still hoping something will finally work.

And oh boy… can you just imaging how great it would be if that happened? And how much better your life would be?

Well the truth is — you’ve found your “sure-thing” a long time ago!

It’s in one of the many programs and courses you have sitting on your hard drive collecting digital dust.

Almost everything you’ve learned in your money making e-books and courses will work.

Chances are, you just never applied the information with a 100% all out effort.

You’ve never worked past the hard parts or feelings of failure.

Listen. There are two ways you can become successful online:

1. You can try to learn all the different ways to make money, then throw a bunch of stuff on the wall to see what sticks,


2. You can pick one thing, learn it inside and out, then stick with it until you succeed.

Either way, you will eventually have to move from where you are now — to get to where you want to be.

And that means jumping back in the game, rolling up your sleeves and getting back to work.

The problem is FEAR will cause you to delay jumping back in the game — indefinitely!

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You shouldn’t try to overcome fear and take a step into the unknown alone.

That would be like taking a long, hard, bumpy road when there is a smooth and easy short-cut right in front of you.

It’s easier to overcome fear and start taking massive action when you have the help of a support system…

…one that provides information, motivation, and accountability.

Your short-cut to success is a mastermind group — and ours is called THE HIVE.

The HIVE isn’t another course about money making online.

It’s the piece all the other programs are missing — it’s the taking “ACTION” part.

If you’ve been trying to make money online for any length of time… then you don’t need another bit of information.

Because if you haven’t figured it out by now… reading about “how to make money online” will never add a zero to your bank account!

It’s time to stop being afraid and get your ass in gear.

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 How it WORKS?

What you need right now, more than anything is:

Motivation to overcome fear induced procrastination so you can get the ball rolling…

A quick reply to your marketing or technical questions when you get stuck so you don’t lose momentum…

Mastermind partners that will hold your feet to the fire so you will follow through and complete tasks…

And encouragement to keep pushing through stumbling blocks when the road gets rough…

This is exactly what you get with The HIVE.


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